Managed Pond Stocking

Nature has be capricious in the Texoma region for the past few years, mixing torrential rains with extended periods of draught. The result has been a lot of dry ponds. Southwestern resourcefulness has once again proved equal to the task as new conservation and natural resource management methods have been implemented to make surface water in the region available for commercial and recreational purposes.

Whether you are digging a new pond or replenishing an existing one, the experts at Jones Wholesale Bait, Inc. stand ready to assist you with advice and experience as well as quality stock fish. We'll help you determine how many fish you need without over-extending your pond's capacity. Regardless of whether your taste runs from channel catfish to red ear sunfish, from black crappie to large mouth bass, or numerous other fish varieties, we'll make sure your pond is properly stocked with healthy, vigorous fish at a fair price.

Fish Varieties for Pond Stocking

Recommended Stockage per Acre: 

Channel Catfish 100-150 Head
Crappie 75-100 Head
Bass 75-100 Head
Bluegill 400-500 Head
Fathead Minnows 15-20 lbs
Shinner Minnows 15-20 lbs
Grass Carp 4-8 Head


Channel Catfish:  
4-6 inch .65 each
5-7 inch .75 each
6-8 inch .95 each
8-11 inch 1.05 each
Adult 1 Pound+ 5.25 Per Pound


Black Crappie:  
Medium 3-4 inch .95 each
Large 4-5 inch 1.50 each
*Jumbo 5-6 inch 1.75 each (when available)
*Giant 6 inch+ 13.00 Per Pound (when available)


Largemouth Bass: Northern Strain Florida or FL1 Hybrid
4-5 inch 2.25 each 3.25 each
5-6 inch 3.35 each 4.35 each
6-8 inch 4.25 each 5.25 each
8-10 inch 6.75 each 7.50 each
Adult 13.00 Per Pound 14.00 Per Pound


Red Ear Sunfish:  
Medium 3-4 inch .95 each
Large 4-5 inch 1.15 each
*Jumbo 5-6 inch 2.05 each (when available)
*Giant 6 inch+ 13.00 Per Pound (when available)


Grass Carp:  
8-11 inch 14.00 each
12 inch+ 16.00 each


Flathead Minnows 13.00 lb
Shinner Minnows 13.00 lb